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Enterprise systems constantly enhance within the business environment, and they need strong support. App Sphere provides services and solutions spanning across Microsoft’s product line to help our customers optimise their applications platform, services, and organisational performance.We have expertise in Microsoft Stack and it helps us to engage with customers to unify their web assets; including social marketing, media and applications, search, digital marketing integration, and analytics.

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Open Source

Open source solutions geared toward the enterprise often have thriving communities around them, bound by a common drive to support and improve a solution that both the enterprise and the community benefit from.  The global communities united around improving these solutions introduce new concepts and capabilities faster, better, and more effectively than internal teams working on proprietary solutions. App Sphere believe in benefiting our customers through the power of  open source community.

Technology Tree

Our technology experience and knowledge is like a tree. It spans across multiple areas and it is growing every day. We take advantage of below technologies to create productive solutions

Tech Disruption

“Tech disruption” is one of the most frequently discussed elements of enterprise strategy among today’s business leaders. This term embodies the fact that emerging technology clusters like AI/Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Big Data aren’t just driving marginal efficiency improvements. While these technologies do offer transformative efficiencies within the contours of today’s operational models, they also create the possibility for new business models entirely.

Disruption as a Competition Enabler

Some of the most respected companies in the world, names like Amazon and Google, have been among the most aggressive about using technology to shake up existing markets—from advertising to retail, to mobile computing.

The globe-spanning ambition of the tech giants can create a sense of mythic invulnerability around “disruption”—that it’s solely the domain of giants with billions to burn. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. These companies often are the “first adopters” of new tech, but it’s often smaller firms left to collect the revenue left available by clumsy legacy players in disrupted industries.

Firms need to keep a careful eye on the second-order effects of disruptions being caused by larger players in their field. These changes create opportunities that are rarely entirely captured by the first disruptor.

In this sense, disruption is a competition enabler. And more competition is ultimately good for smaller firms hungry for growth.


Digital Disruption as a Business Challenge, Not a Technology Problem

Rather than a series of technical problems to be solved with ever-advancing tech, we want to conceive of disruption as a market force that creates opportunities in equal volume to the management challenges it imposes.

Successful firms in today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace aren’t just those employing the shiniest new tech, but those successfully leveraging technology to pursue opportunities that simply weren’t there before in their industry.

Disruption isn’t simply changing. It’s a much more deep-seated shift in the competitive landscape of a sector or industry.

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